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Financing the steam centre

Cultural objects have always been regarded as witnesses to the history of a community and its culture

Our collection is such a witness and is entered in the Swiss inventory of cultural assets of national importance.


After the Vaporama Thun had to close its doors forever, we had the opportunity, through the sponsorship of a Winterthur entrepreneur, to save this valuable collection from being lost through sale or even scrapping.

Since the Swiss Steam Center was founded in 2011, around 80 steam engines have found their home in building 181 on the storage area in Winterthur (formerly Sulzer Stadtmitte). In addition to the impressive steel colossi, the Hans Kläy model collection rounds off the exhibits as a welcome addition.

Unfortunately, the cost of maintaining the cultural property can not only be covered by enormous work through compulsory labor, but also requires broader financial support from patrons, sponsors and steam friends.

Therefore our request to you: Support us with your donation. Donations to the steam center Winterthur are tax deductible. You will receive a donation confirmation from us in good time.

Donation account: IBAN CH26 0070 0110 0038 4949 1

With these donations, supplemented by the income from the operation of the steam center (events and tours), we have been able to fulfill all of our obligations to this day. We were able to pay both the rental costs and various machine overhauls. We have also been able to continuously expand our exhibition, always with the aim of being able to present our outstanding witnesses of industrial culture to an ever wider audience in an attractive and didactically stimulating setting.

Despite the entry in the inventory of cultural assets worthy of protection, as cultural assets of national importance, we do not receive any contributions from the public sector!

In the past few years, the steam center has received considerable private donations (all figures in CHF as of December 31, 2021):


Amount in CHF














How can you get involved?

There are many ways to support the steam center, be it with a financial donation, a donation in kind, or you can bring your labor to preserve the collection

There are three main groups for financial donations to the Swiss Steam Center so that you can find the best option.


This group is intended for one-time donations. Contact us via our website, by phone or by letter and we will send you payment slips. You can also make direct payments to the IBAN CH26 0070 0110 0038 4949 1 account via your e-banking system.


For this group, an annual fee of at least CHF 60.00 is charged. You will receive an invoice from us every year for the contribution.

Patron SMEs

This group is tailored for companies and the sponsorship is concluded by means of an agreement for 1 - 3 years. The annual contribution is at least CHF 500 and is collected by invoice. This group has the opportunity to publish an advertisement on our website under the heading "Sponsoring" and to place their logo on the sponsor board in the entrance area of ??the steam center.


Depending on the amount of the donation per year, we would like to thank you with the following services (this applies in the current as well as in the following calendar year after the donation):

Donate your benefit
1.- to 249.- You will be informed personally about our events and receive our publications
250.- to 499.- Free admission on the public visiting days, always on the 2nd Saturday of the month (without steam engine festival)
Personal invitation to our VIP aperitif in the steam center
As a member or sponsor you have free entry from an annual fee of 60
500.- tos 999.- free admission to all public events in the steam center
Personal invitation to our VIP aperitif in the steam center
from 1000.- free admission to all public events in the steam center
Personal invitation to our VIP aperitif in the steam center
Personal invitation to a special occasion
As a sponsoring SME, you also have the option of placing a small advertisement on our website in the format as below and presenting the company's logo on our sponsor board opposite the entrance to the steam center
 KMU Sponsoren
Revision ETH
Laboratory machine of ETH
(Assembly, base mounting, Movement demonstration)
Revision ETH
Ship steam engine Giessbach III
(assembly of the original paddle wheel)
Revision ETH
Balancing machine
(attachment of an electric motor)
Revision ETH
Single-cylinder steam engine with stone crusher
(ready for operation)
Revision ETH
Laboratory machine at the Biel Technical Center
(assembly, base assembly, painting)
Revision ETH
Wall-mounted steam engine and drilling machine assembled into a portable unit by means of a transmission drive with the aim of being able to show and explain how the transmission works.
Revision ETH
Ship steam engine Lützelau
(base assembly, attachment of a propeller and an electric motor)
Revision Welausstellung
Three-cylinder world exhibition machine
(total revision, installation of an electric motor)
King Halblokomobil
King Semi Locomobile
(Total Restoration)


Dampfzentrum Winterthur
Lagerplatz 27, 8400 Winterthur
IBAN CH26 0070 0110 0038 4949 1
Phone: +41 32 511 74 08

Opening hours

The steam center opens its doors 
each 2nd and 4th Saturnday a month
from 09:45 to 13:00
you can find the exact dates here