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The Steam Centre in Winterthur, a visit worthwhile

The most extensive and most interesting collection of international steam technology is located in an old factory hall in Winterthur.
Numerous volunteer helpers look after and cherish around 500 tons of cultural assets from the time of industrialization.


Use the steam center for a special kind of experience.

These five pictures represent the different experiences that you can have with us.

Click on the pictures and learn more
about what we can offer you

Erlebnis Sammlung
Here you will find a living exhibition that makes a variety of applications visible and tangible.
Erlebnis Führung
If you would like a very special insight into our exhibition, we will organize a tour specially tailored for you.
Erlebnis Event
At least once a year, the steam centre heats up and you can experience many of our machines under steam.
Erlebnis Oeffentlich
Twice a month, on the second and fourth Saturday, our collection is available to the public for viewing without prior notice. Treat yourself to a glimpse into the cultural history of the last two centuries.
Erlebnis Anlass
Even on larger occasions, on request with meals, we are happy to be your partner and organize an unforgettable experience for you.


Dampfzentrum Winterthur
Lagerplatz 27, 8400 Winterthur
IBAN CH26 0070 0110 0038 4949 1
Phone: +41 32 511 74 08

Opening hours

The steam center opens its doors 
each 2nd and 4th Saturnday a month
from 09:45 to 13:00
you can find the exact dates here